Kobe Steel Headquarters

Kobe Steel, Ltd. is one of Japan’s leading steel makers, as well as a major supplier of aluminum and copper products. Other business segments consist of wholesale power supply, machinery, construction machinery, real estate, and electronic materials and other businesses.

The Kobe Steel Group is comprised of numerous consolidated and equity-valued companies in Japan, the Americas, Asia and Europe.

KOBELCO is the corporate logo mark and brand name of the Kobe Steel Group. Behind the KOBELCO mark is Kobe Steel’s commitment to excellence and quality.

COMPANY NAME Kobe Steel, Ltd.
JAPANESE NAME Kabushiki Gaisha Kobe Seikosho
FOUNDED September 1, 1905
INCORPORATED June 28, 1911
CAPITAL JPY250.9billion (as of March 31, 2019)
PRESIDENT & CEO Mitsugu Yamaguchi
NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 39,341 (Consolidated, as of March 31, 2019)
11,401 (Nonconsolidated, as of March 31, 2019)
SUBSIDIARIES 218 (as of March 31, 2019)
AFFILIATED COMPANIES 52 (as of March 31, 2019)