KOBELCO technicans were trained by Japanese experts and have many years of experience.
Our job is keeping your production run smoothly with Kobelco air compressors


We provide all kind of regular maintenance for compressed air system equipment ( compressor, dryer, filter, air tank, piping,..) from 3000hour running to Overhaul

Regular Free Checking

Every 3 months our team comes to customer side for checking, cleaning compressor and making service report (without any fee).
Making sure the all equipment is running in the right way and there isn no potential trouble may occur with the compressed air system.

Spare Air Compressors

Our spare air compressors are always ready to serve customer for keeping our customer’s production run continuously without any interruption.

Genuine Parts on Stock

We have all part of air compressors, air dryer, air filter on stock.  that can response to any urgent need.
Also we are manufacturer only provide our genuine parts.
You don’t have to worry about fake parts that can damage your compressor


We communicate directly to our factory and take responsibility immidiately with any issue related to product waranty

24/7 Support

Our team is always available 24/7, our clients can contact our team at any time.
We will response right away and come to factory side immediately in case of emergency.