Auto Drain Trap ORION FD2-G3 (FD2-G1/FD2-G2)

  • FD2-G1
  • FD2-G2
  • FD2-G3
Maximum drain flow capacity10 cm³/ cycle
Working pressureMpa 0.1 - 1.0
Working temperatureDegC2-60
FluidCompressed Air
Drain MethodFloat Type
Drain outletHose nipple
Outside dimensions (H x D x W)mm178×63×63


"FD2-G1" and "FD2-G2" are the model numbers of the drain traps attached to the product (Air Dryer or Air Filter), and the difference is whether the top (-G1) or side (-G2) side is plugged. "FD2-G3" can be installed on either the side or the top. "FD2-G3" comes with a plug. Install the plug on the side you don't want.